What does ‘reliable’ really mean?

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When it comes to choosing the right tech support team for your business, what does ‘reliable’ really mean?

Whether you’re sending lunch orders to a local catering company, getting your office drains unblocked, or outsourcing your IT support requirements, as a business owner, you will want to know that you can trust your service providers to deliver great results quickly – because lost time means lost money, after all.

But when it comes to choosing the right tech support team for your business, what does ‘reliable’ really mean?

‘Reliable’ means fast

If you’ve spotted an issue with your IT that is preventing you from operating as normal, you want to know that your IT company will be able to address the problem ASAP.

Our friendly in-house support team will respond to your query as quickly as they can. You will never be redirected to various representatives in a typical call centre environment when you call ECOM. Our team will put you through to a consultant who can assist with your case and find the fastest and most effective solution to your problem. Responding quickly to IT challenges in this way ensures your staff will always be working as productively as possible.

‘Reliable’ means inobtrusive

Your operations shouldn’t come to a standstill while your IT issues are being dealt with.

We have the ability to log in and fix many problems remotely. This not only means we can handle any challenges much faster – it also negates the need to disrupt your day by sending an engineer to your site. (Although we will happily send someone to your offices if we feel you will benefit from direct support.)

‘Reliable’ means proactive

It’s not enough for our support team to simply react to challenges as and when they occur. We also offer an automated 24/7 monitoring service that constantly checks for common issues, including power outages, network failures, and security breaches. If we see that something’s not quite right, we will often be able to handle it before you’re even aware of it yourself.

‘Reliable’ means thorough

We don’t just want to make sure we’re available to fix IT issues. We want to apply strategic thinking to your IT to make sure you’re using the most appropriate technology for your business; you have clear and efficient processes in place internally; and your systems and data will remain protected, even if your premises is struck by a fire, your equipment is stolen, or your software is hacked. Thorough business continuity planning will ensure you have a comprehensive disaster recovery strategy in place that will minimise risk and keep precious downtime to a minimum.

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When it comes to choosing the right tech support team for your business, what does ‘reliable’ really mean?

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