What to expect from your full IT system audit

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Learn more about ECOM UK’s IT auditing services and the processes we’ll follow to ensure your business systems are fit for purpose.

Last month, we spoke to you about the importance of booking in for an IT health check to make sure your systems are performing at their best, and your company’s cybersecurity needs are covered.

Sometimes, though, we will need to carry out a more thorough assessment of your tech – particularly if you’re embarking on a major overhaul of your software or hardware, or we’re taking over your IT requirements for the first time. In fact, our full IT system audits form the initial stage in our approach to bespoke IT projects of any kind.

What will your audit involve? 

Typically, we’ll look at the following factors:

  • What devices you’re using across all your teams, including those who work remotely
  • How old these devices are, and whether any upgrades are required to keep your operations running smoothly
  • Whether this equipment is suitable for the processes and systems that underpin your business. (If it’s not, we can look at viable alternatives for you.)
  • Whether adequate backup is in place if your company is subjected to unexpected downtime or a malicious attack of some kind
  • Whether your cybersecurity requirements are up to scratch

Essentially, this service allows us to find out which parts of your existing systems are fit for purpose, and what needs to be improved or replaced for the best results moving forward.

Will the audit be disruptive? 

We understand that the word ‘audit’ can strike fear into the heart of any business owner – especially if they know that, deep down, a review of their IT is long overdue! But rest assured our full system IT audits are quick, easy, and completely inobtrusive.

We’ll simply download a piece of kit onto your machines that will scan your setup for the data we need. You won’t need to manage any popups, save any files, or worry about your systems or computers being affected by our work; everything will run in the background.

Once we’ve got the results, we’ll send you a full report that highlights any areas of concern – and, crucially, more information on how we can solve these issues for you.

How much do our IT audits cost? 

Full IT audits are free for new clients. They’re an essential part of the handover process because they give us those all-important insights into what your systems look like, and what changes might need to be made in order to reduce admin and cut costs within your business.

Sometimes we’ll only need to make a few tweaks to dramatically improve results. In other cases, our consultants will propose more significant changes that will offer a series of longer-term benefits for you and your teams. Regardless of the route we decide to take, we’ll discuss our ideas with you every step of the way, and should you choose to take our advice on board, we’ll outline any fees or charges with full transparency from day one.

Talk to ECOM UK today to learn more about how our full IT audits work and discuss your IT support needs in more detail.

Learn more about ECOM UK’s IT auditing services and the processes we’ll follow to ensure your business systems are fit for purpose.

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