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11/09/23 Community News

Banish tech fatigue this Sleeptember with our top tips

While we’re obviously huge advocates of using the latest technology to streamline and improve our lives, the team here at ECOM UK knows first-hand just how much of an impact late-night use of our devices can have on our sleep patterns.

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25/08/23 IT Services News

Gain Cyber Essentials certification for your business with our help

Cyber Essentials allows firms like yours to certify themselves against a set of ‘best practice’ technical cyber security controls.

When the right systems and processes are in place, and companies can demonstrate their technical competency in this way, it’s thought that the risk of a security breach is reduced by up to 80%.

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24/08/23 Community News

Supporting the fight against modern slavery with the SAMS Partnership

It’s not something we often think about unless we have direct experience of it – but modern slavery is, unfortunately, very much still an issue in the UK. In fact, the number of people identified as victims of this abhorrent practice has been rising year on year, with over 12,000 people referred to the authorities in 2021 alone.

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11/07/23 Community News

How the last 25 years have shaped our technology (and our world)

If you’ve been keeping an eye on our socials, you’ll know that we’re soon going to be celebrating 25 years in business. We’re incredibly proud of how far we’ve come in the last two and a half decades – and we’re also fascinated by just how much our world has changed since the late 90s, when Managing Director Lloyd Harris and Technical Director Darren Phipps were setting up ECOM from scratch. Read more about our story.

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06/06/23 IT Services News

Migrating our client from an in-house server to a virtual Microsoft Azure server

At ECOM UK, we are committed to finding new ways to optimise our clients’ existing IT networks.

Choose us as your IT partner, and our dedicated team of experts will closely analyse your current network infrastructure, identify areas of improvement, and develop tailored solutions that seamlessly integrate with your systems – as we did recently for this client, a service provider based in Basildon, Essex.

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30/05/23 IT Services News

Can AI deliver great IT support?

Are we heading for a world where ‘human’ IT support becomes redundant, and customer service representatives and technicians are replaced by machines?

We don’t think so – but we do believe there’s a place for AI in the IT support environment. Here’s our take on how AI can be used to deliver fast and accurate results for our clients – and where today’s automated or ‘intelligent’ systems can sometimes fall short.

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