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If you’re not familiar with Cyber Essentials, it’s time to get up to speed with this government-backed programme and discover the many benefits it can bring to your organisation.

What is Cyber Essentials, and why is it important?

Cyber Essentials allows firms like yours to certify themselves against a set of ‘best practice’ technical cyber security controls.

When the right systems and processes are in place, and companies can demonstrate their technical competency in this way, it’s thought that the risk of a security breach is reduced by up to 80%.

So, as you can imagine, there’s a great deal of value in getting yourself and your company certified.

In a world where corporate cyberattacks are increasing significantly year on year, it’s important that you are taking active steps to protect your systems and your data from malicious intent. Gaining Cyber Essentials accreditation is proof that you are tackling the issue head-on, and continually arming yourself with the tools and the knowledge you need to strengthen your online security.


Who needs Cyber Essentials?

Although it will definitely leave a positive impression on clients and suppliers, this programme isn’t mandatory for every business in the UK.

However, you’ll need to achieve Cyber Essentials certification if you want to bid for specific government contracts – typically those that involve delivering specific IT products and services, and/or handling sensitive personal information.

Cyber Essentials also comes recommended by the Financial Conduct Authority, so any business in the finance space will certainly benefit from demonstrating compliance with the scheme, too. In fact, our team has just completed Cyber Essentials certification for a financial provider.


How can ECOM UK help you achieve Cyber Essentials certification?

We support our clients by guiding them through the requirements of the Cyber Essentials programme and making sure they have everything in place to ace their assessment.

For example, we can offer infrastructure support, including the implementation of firewalls. These firewalls actively oversee both inbound and outbound network activity and decide whether or not to permit or obstruct specific traffic, according to predetermined security protocols.

We can also set up software that empowers us to monitor and promptly receive notifications about any questionable attempts to breach your network. If we identify any vulnerabilities, we will undertake a procedure known as patching. Patching involves the insertion of a piece of code to address and fill the vulnerability and bolster your system’s defences against potential attacks.


For more information on the advantages of acquiring Cyber Essentials certification, and how ECOM UK can support you throughout the assessment process, contact us today.

As your IT provider, we will understand your setup and your network better than anyone, so we are in the best position to assist you with your yearly assessment exam.

From making sure your cybersecurity measures meet the required standards to filling out the questionnaire from the accreditation body on your behalf, we’re here to make it as simple as possible to get hold of your Cyber Essentials certificate.

If you’re not familiar with Cyber Essentials, it’s time to get up to speed with this government-backed programme and discover the many benefits it can bring to your organisation.

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