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How do you measure your company’s cybersecurity?

As any IT specialist will tell you, there are plenty of ways you can add extra protection to your company’s systems and processes.

From installing new firewalls to strengthening your passwords and setting up two factor authentication across your accounts, there is a seemingly endless list of preventative measures you can take to make sure your data remains secure, and your systems remain uncompromised.

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Are your business emails really secure?

These days, it’s not simply enough to install anti-virus protection and assume that it will take care of all your email security requirements. It won’t! You need to implement a series of email best practices to make sure your email system isn’t susceptible to an attack that could compromise your company’s important information.

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5 tips for a digital detox

It’s National Simplicity Day on 12th July.

This event, which is celebrated on the same day every year, is all about freeing ourselves from the complications of the modern world – and one of these complications is definitely tech.

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